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Bad Homburg

In the heart of Germany, the region is much more than just big city life. From the spa town of Bad Homburg, there is much to discover in all four directions: nature and culture, dreamy valleys and mighty castles on the hills, charming villages and towns, a lively past and much more.

Everyone has their own favorite places in a region - places that inspire us, that we enjoy experiencing and that make a city or region feel like home. Find out here about our most popular places that make life in Hesse something quite extraordinary.

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Bad Homburg

The town of Bad Homburg vor der Höhe is the district capital of the Hochtaunus district with around 54,144 inhabitants and is located in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region. It gained international fame as a health resort and later conference venue thanks to its numerous thermal springs. The casino was built as early as 1841 and is therefore known as the "mother of Monte Carlo". As one of the seven special status cities in the state of Hesse, Bad Homburg is designated as a medium-sized center according to the Hesse state development plan.

Bad Homburg Castle Park, an English landscape garden and part of the Bad Homburg Landgrave Garden, which extends to the Gothic House, is well worth a visit. Within the spa gardens there are monuments to Friedrich Hölderlin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Samuel Agnon, Peter Joseph Lenné, Wilhelm Filchner, Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner as well as to Emperors Wilhelm I, Wilhelm II and Friedrich III and his wife Victoria.

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Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main has a variety of landscapes, historic and modern architecture, an exciting history, relaxing thermal baths, regional delicacies and much more to offer. In the city, in the countryside or on the river, everyone can discover what special things they can experience in their immediate surroundings. The ideal mix for day trips, vacation stays, city trips or nature experiences can be found here.

The whole world in one city. The people of Frankfurt say this with pride. The city has a liberal and cosmopolitan tradition. 90 percent of the world's 194 countries are represented in Frankfurt. Of the almost 764,000 inhabitants, 30 percent have foreign roots. Where else can you find Afghan Bolani, Turkish Sulu Köfte and Ethiopian Injera just a few meters away from each other? Regardless of whether your parents are of Turkish, Italian or Moroccan origin - anyone who lives and grew up here says: "I am a Frankfurter".

Many Frankfurt specialties have become an integral part of city life. In addition to the Frankfurt dialect and culinary specialties such as Handkäs' mit Musik and Grüner Soße, Stöffche, apple wine, is particularly popular. Of course, it is best served in the original Bembel. The many trade fairs, such as the book fair, also contribute to the city's international charm. Last but not least, it is the people with their mixture of finance, business, science and culture that are typical of Frankfurt and unique in the republic.

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