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Top 10 artist quotes – theme “Motivation”

Artist quotes "Motivation"

Motivated by the works of great artists, some sooner or later try their hand at brushes and paints. But after the first few attempts, most become frustrated and quickly question their abilities.

How do I increase my motivation to draw and paint?


But even our great role models have not always had it easy in their artistic careers. They have also experienced frustration, disappointment and demotivation. They don't succeed at everything straight away. But they would never stop painting. Perseverance pays off! This realization can increase motivation many times over!

Artist quotes that everyone can learn from

The great masters sometimes have a hard time with their works and yet they love art. The reason for this is that art gives you the opportunity to create your own world and lose yourself in it. To keep you motivated, we have put together a selection of quotes from artists and famous people for you:

  1. If it is a joy to enjoy the good, it is a greater joy to experience the better, and in art the best is good enough. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, poet and naturalist

  2. If you hear an inner voice saying, “You can’t paint,” then by all means paint to silence that voice. – Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter

  3. We don’t make mistakes, just happy little mishaps. – Bob Ross, American male

  4. Every artist was initially an amateur. – Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher and writer

  5. Don't think about making art, just do it. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, love it or hate it. While they're making up their minds, make more art. - Andy Warhol, American artist

  6. Being an artist means believing in life. – Henry Moore, English sculptor and draftsman

  7. You see things and ask "Why?", but I dream of things and say "Why not?" – George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, politician, satirist, music critic

  8. Damn it! If you mess up a painting, you throw it in the fire and start a new one. – Paul Cézanne, French painter

  9. I dream of my picture and then I paint my dream. – Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter

  10. If you can't do what you want, you have to want what you can do. – Leonardo da Vinci, Italian painter, sculptor, architect, anatomist, mechanic, engineer and natural philosopher

Leonardo da Vinci


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