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Digital Art: How do I best get started and what do I have to pay attention to!


In recent years, digital art has become increasingly important. Digital artists in particular have discovered digital drawing for themselves, as it offers numerous advantages over analogue drawing. But how do you actually start with digital drawing if you have only drawn analogue up to now? By combining traditional art techniques with modern digital tools, numerous possibilities open up for creating your own works of art. If you are interested in digital art and are wondering how best to get started and what you need to pay attention to, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you some tips and hints to make it easier for you to get started.

Finding inspiration: How to determine your creative direction

Before you start creating digital art, you should think about your creative direction. What inspires you? What topics and motifs particularly appeal to you? You can determine your creative direction based on your personal interests and preferences or be inspired by other artists and works of art. Pinterest and Instagram are good platforms for gathering inspiration and ideas.

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Choose the right software and tools

Choosing the right software and tools is crucial to the success of your digital art. There are numerous software options used by professional graphic artists and illustrators, such as Adobe Photoshop, Pro Create, Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the software and your tools in order to be able to use the functions optimally. TIP: Many beginners make the mistake of getting too caught up in the possibilities of the software. Don't get too lost in the technical details, otherwise you will no longer get to the actual drawing and will quickly lose your motivation. Focus on the basic techniques and start drawing.

The right hardware is also important for getting started with digital drawing. You need a computer or tablet with a graphics tablet and a pen. Graphics tablets are available in different sizes and price ranges, from simple models for beginners to professional devices for advanced users.

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The basics of art: Why they are also important for digital art

Although digital art is a modern art form, the principles are the same as those of traditional art. The fundamentals of art are a set of concepts and techniques that form the foundation for creating artwork. Some of the most important concepts include color theory, composition, perspective, light and shadow, shape and space, lines and contours, and textures and patterns. By understanding these concepts, you will learn how to create artwork that is aesthetically pleasing and technically correct.

Why are the fundamentals of art important?

It is important to understand the basics of art before starting digital art. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to use the right techniques and tools to achieve the desired effects. However, by understanding the basics of art, you will be much better able to implement your creative vision and transfer it to the digital space.

The fundamentals of art are also important for developing a critical eye and understanding other artists' artwork. Understanding art fundamentals can give you a better idea of how a particular piece of art was created and why it is so appealing. This can also help you grow and improve your own skills.

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Practice makes perfect: Why regular practice is crucial

As with any other skill, it is important to practice regularly to progress and improve your skills. Set realistic goals and try to practice a little bit every day. This way you will progress quickly and improve your skills.

Network and get feedback

If you want to develop in the world of digital art, it is helpful to connect with other artists and get feedback from others. This way you can improve your techniques and gather new inspiration. There are many online communities and social networks created specifically for digital artists where you can share your artwork and get feedback.

Learn the techniques and tools of digital art in our workshop

Digital art is a versatile form of self-development and self-expression that requires a certain affinity for technology. In order to successfully enter this art form, however, it is important to learn the basics of digital art. This is exactly where our workshop "Introduction to Digital Art: Basics and Techniques" with Max Rieß comes in. In this workshop, you will learn the techniques and tools necessary for creating digital art. You will have the opportunity to network with other artists, receive feedback and practice regularly in order to develop further and find new inspiration. If you are interested in the fascinating world of digital art, then you should not miss our workshop "Introduction to Digital Art" with Max Rieß.

Here is a video of Max Rieß’s workshop:


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