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Here you will find an overview of materials that are used and recommended by our students and teachers. We only use high-quality academic materials. You can find a small selection of brands and materials in the slider. You can also buy some of the products from us during your training or a workshop.

At the Academy we use the following Nitram charcoal:
Assortment, Académie Fusians H, Académie Fusians HB, Académie Fusians B, Petits Bâtons

Nitram charcoal is considered the best drawing charcoal and is therefore preferred by many academies and studios.

At the Academy we use the following Canson paper:
Canson Mi-Teintes Paper

As the undisputed world market leader in the field of fine artist papers, Canson® produces classic sketch, drawing, pastel, watercolor and acrylic painting papers, among others.

At our Academy we use the following Lyra products:
Rembrandt Art Design – professional graphite pencils and kneaded erasers – flexible and efficient

We recommend Schmincke because the company focuses on the top range offered worldwide - supplemented by high-quality, more modern artist acrylic paints and other special ranges, especially for the domestic market in Europe.

We recommend Michael Harding because the oil paint range contains the finest of the finest pigments, ground in refined, cold-pressed linseed oil. The bright, brilliant colours with very high tinting strength are completely free from fillers, extenders or drying agents and have a texture that is silky rather than oily.

We recommend Kremer Pigments because the company is known worldwide for high-quality products for restoration, monument preservation, sophisticated painting and handicrafts.
Raw materials from all over the world are laboriously ground, sieved or filtered by hand into fine pigment powders.

We recommend Rosemary & Co Brushes' hand-made artist brushes of the highest quality, made in Yorkshire, England. They offer a high quality product at an affordable price.

State-approved study programs

Art must be taught in a lively way in order to come alive. Art is movement, change and experimentation. At the Academy of Fine Art Germany, we support you in finding the artist in you and bringing your art to life. Decide now for one of our full-time or part-time study programs and become a state-approved painter or state-approved sculptor. No matter which study program you are interested in, with us you will be optimally prepared for a successful professional career.

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Study Program
Study program
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