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Not everyone has enough resources to finance a private school. However, those looking for assistance with costs during their studies have several options and resources to choose from. As a state-approved private school, students not only benefit from a recognized professional qualification, but also find various state-supported financial aid options!

Check out your options here.

  • “BAföG” is the abbreviation for the Federal Training Assistance Act. The aim is to give young people the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship that matches their abilities and interests, regardless of their social and economic situation.

    Who can apply for BAföG?

    • Young people who start their school education or university studies before the age of 30

    • People with German citizenship

    • Foreign nationals who have a so-called prospect of staying. These are people who have already lived in Germany for 5 years or are married to a person who has a German passport or are the daughter and son of a parent with a German passport

    • Asylum seekers and refugees who have been staying in Germany legally, with permission or with a tolerated status for 15 months without interruption

    When and how much support will I receive?

    • Funding begins at the earliest in the month of application, even if training began earlier!

    • Whether and how much BAföG is paid monthly depends on your personal circumstances. When you apply, you disclose your financial situation and then it is determined whether and how much monthly support you will receive

    • The maximum rate is currently €754 per month and can of course be lower depending on the classification of the BAföG office

    By when do I have to pay back the contributions and in what amount?

    • If the BAföG funding is classified as a grant, nothing has to be paid back. It is a gift from the state. If the BAföG funding is classified as a 50% grant and 50% loan, only the 50% loan has to be paid back - the other 50% remains a gift.

    • The amount that has to be repaid is interest-free. In addition, you only start repaying 5 years after you graduate and have 20 years to do so. In principle, no more than 10,010 euros have to be repaid, even if the loan was higher

    BaFöG – Everything at a glance

    Application for training support

    BaFöG – Flyer for pupils

  • KfW grants an education loan to pupils and students in the final years of their training.

    Who can apply for an education loan?

    • Pupils and full-time students aged 18 to 35, regardless of their income and that of their parents

    • No collateral needs to be provided

    • People with permanent residence in Germany and those who meet the conditions under Section 8 BAföG

    When and how much support will I receive?

    • The KfW supports you as a student if you are in the last 24 months of your training and

      • already have a professional qualification or

      • you will obtain this upon completion of your current school education

    • You will receive 100, 200 or 300 euros per month for up to 2 years, depending on your preference

    • The maximum limit for the total amount is therefore 7,200 euros (300 euros for 24 months)

    • For one-off costs, such as the purchase of expensive work materials, you can receive up to 3,600 euros as a one-off payment in advance. This amount is deducted from the maximum limit

    By when do I have to pay back the contributions and in what amount?

    • Repayment begins 4 years after the first payment. The monthly rate of interest and repayment is always 120 euros.

    • You can repay your loan in full or in part at any time. Extra repayments are free of charge.
      If you manage your loan account online, you can request such payments easily and conveniently at any time

    • If you have a second education loan running, repayment for the first education loan will be suspended until the last payment date.


    Online application via BVA

  • Since 1955, the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation has contributed to the success and development of emerging artists from around the world.

    The foundation exclusively supports young artists who are studying or in the early stages of their career and who study/work in painting, modeling, printmaking or drawing in the figurative/representational tradition. No other disciplines or activities are supported.

    Who can apply for funding?

    • Minimum age for application is 18 years and must not be older than 41 years

    • Scholarships are available to applicants from all over the world

    • Applicants must be in the early stages of their career within a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture or printmaking, either as a student or as an emerging artist

    When and how much support will I receive?

    • There is no application deadline

    • Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and scholarships are awarded approximately 4 – 6 times a year

    • The first grant is 17,000 Canadian dollars, the second and third are 20,000 Canadian dollars

    • Payments will be made to recipients outside Canada in the US dollar equivalent of the grant amount

    Scholarships do not have to be repaid!


    Application page

  • The bbk berlin is independent and financed solely through the contributions of its members. Currently, around 2,750 visual artists from all disciplines and artistic movements are organized in the association.

    One focus of the association's work is the structural support of all visual artists by providing infrastructure and production resources for their artistic work. The bbk berlin achieves this through its non-profit subsidiaries Kulturwerk and Bildungswerk, which provide studios, workshops and educational opportunities for artists.

    Who can apply for funding?

    • Depending on the program, there are very different requirements for applicants


    Open Calls

  • is Europe's largest scholarship platform, enabling millions of students across Europe to study without financial worries.

    With more than 3,260 scholarship programs worth 610 million euros per year and 1,300,000 users per month, is the largest scholarship platform in Germany.

    Who can apply for a scholarship?

    • Depending on the program, there are very different requirements for applicants

    • Some scholarships even support students and postgraduate studies. It is therefore always worthwhile to find out who is being supported, how, and with what

    • 16 countries

    • 15,000 scholarship programs

    To search for scholarships, you must register on the website!



We will support you with any questions you may have about your financing options.

You can click here to send us an email or click the button to schedule a consultation.

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Art must be taught in a lively way in order to come alive. Art is movement, change and experimentation. At the Academy of Fine Art Germany, we support you in finding the artist in you and bringing your art to life. Decide now for one of our full-time or part-time study programs and become a state-approved painter or state-approved sculptor. No matter which study program you are interested in, with us you will be optimally prepared for a successful professional career.

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