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End of training and now what?
Your career opportunities afterwards.

We offer many options for what you can do after your training. Whether you want to go straight into working life or continue studying - the possibilities are endless.

Our heartfelt desire is to prepare our students as best as possible for their dream job and to support them during the process. Therefore, our students benefit from the Academy's professional network during their training. These include art collectors, gallery owners, artists, restorers, gaming artists, concept artists, VFX artists, etc.

With a good foundation and the relevant specialist knowledge, there are opportunities in numerous professional fields. Some of our graduates later work in:

in the illustration or design sector (product, communication, media,…),

as storyboarder,

Artist assistant or

as a teacher at private or public educational institutions.

The Academy's growing reputation means that companies are increasingly approaching us with freelance projects or full-time and part-time jobs, which we are happy to pass on to our students and graduates.

You see, art is by no means a dead end – there are always ways to earn money.

If you have the additional qualification as a digital artist, the field of possible careers opens up even more. In the film and gaming industry, there is a high demand for well-trained specialists for character and creature design, concept artists, VFX artists, environment and props , etc. In addition to being able to use digital programs, all of these specialists must above all be extremely good artists. They must master perspective, realistic drawing, anatomy, rendering, etc. Therefore, the combination of training as a sculptor and/or painter together with the additional qualification as a digital artist is a guarantee for your entry into this industry.

Some of our graduates were already working in a creative profession before their training and used our training as a qualified further education. These include tailors, fashion designers, tattoo artists, art teachers, artists, etc.

Of course, many people dream of being able to make a living from their art. That means selling their work as a freelance artist. But being self-employed is not easy, no matter what industry you are in, and always takes some time. And until you get to that point, you have many other ways to earn money in the creative industry with the specialist knowledge you have acquired and to apply what you have learned.

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